What we do?

BIZ CHAIN Development

Corexfly is developing an efficient service that can replace existing systems in both financial and non-financial sectors.

BIZ CHAIN is able to reduce regulation compliance costs with blockchain technology in the global payment and money transfer markets with their various regulations and long transaction cycles. In particular, the flow of funds among transaction middle-men will be made seamless through the setting of smart contracts when moving funds between countries in the foreign exchange market.


We enable the trading of assets and financial instruments through our trading platform based on a secure digital wallet and blockchain technology for Digital Currency transactions...


기존 블록체인의 장점과 중앙화 된 서버, 빠르고 강력한 보안성(랜섬웨어 대응환경 구현)이 융합된 서비스 지향 블록체인 ...


Together with the domestic Digital Currency exchange Coinis, we have signed an agreement to establish DABIT Exchange to be a Digital Currency exchange in Thailand...